Monday, December 12, 2011

Argh. My email reminders for my blog day don't seem to be working, so I've missed a few over the past couple of months. And since right now we're in full swing with the holidays, my brain is even more scattered than usual.

Let me give you this as a peace offering. I've started working on a short story for my publisher that looks into the life of a young tattoo apprentice. When he's finally allowed to do his first real tattoo, it's more erotic than he ever thought it would be.


It was a beautiful picture. It would be tricky and challenging and Cade wasn’t sure if he had the ability to do true justice to it, especially his first time, but the artist in him simply could not turn down the opportunity. Cade knew that this needed to be his first real tattoo. “Where do you want it?” he asked. Maybe it was somewhere innocuous, like on Kip’s forearm.

“On my chest. The opposite side of the one I got last time.”

His chest. That meant Kip would have to take his shirt off and sit there, and Cade would have to touch him. The thought was terrifying and exhilarating.

“All right,” Cade finally said, looking up at Kip. “Have a seat on the couch behind you and give me twenty minutes to draw it up.”

“Thanks.” Kip nodded. “I’m sure you’ll do it justice.” He sat on the leather couch and smiled confidently at Cade.

Cade felt something stirring, but he was unsure if it was something complicated like gratitude for Kip’s trust, or something simple like pure lust. He decided it was both, and neither feeling had any place in the job he was about to do. He needed to concentrate.

Nearly a half hour later, Cade had a decent replica of Kip’s picture. He’d shown it to Graham for approval.

“Looks good, Cade. Look at it like a grid, not as a picture. You’ll be fine.” Graham smiled and went back to texting Jessica. Cade felt a tiny frisson of fear that Graham didn’t seem interested in sitting over Cade’s shoulder to watch him work, but that fear was soon outweighed by relief. One thing Cade didn’t need was the extra pressure.

Cade called Kip over and pointed to the chair that all of Graham’s clients sat in. “Go ahead and take your shirt off,” Cade said, and was pleased to hear that his voice sounded normal. Kip was even more attractive at close range, and Cade sent up a silent prayer that his body wouldn’t betray him. His dick was already twitching.

Kip did as he was asked and Cade’s mind registered that the man must have been in the sun at some point. Kip’s chest was a smooth brown color with a dusting of golden hair.

Uh oh. That meant Cade would have to shave him.


This should be out sometime in the first part of 2012, so stay tuned! Happy Holidays, y'all.


jayhjay said...

Oooh, sounds very good! Cana't wait to read the whole thing!

Tory Temple said...

Thank you! It's been fun to write, and also given me the itch for another tattoo...

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