Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Readers: Who is Your Favourite Publisher?

I'd love to know which romance publisher is your favourite and why. It is the quality of the writing? The variety of offerings? The customer service? The site design? The pricing?

Loose Id? Torquere? Ellora's Cave? Dreamspinner? Carina? Samhain? Somewhere else? Would love to hear your opinions!


Becky C said...

Ooh. Tough question because I've got favorites at most of them. Samhain is probably at the top of my list but Dreamspinner and Torquere seldom disappoint. Carina and parent Harlequin are good but I cherry pick them. Elora's Cave and Loose Id are great. You didn't ask for least favorites and I won't insult anyone by listing them but there are other pub houses that can be a crap shoot for quality or have a tiny catalog.

Keira Andrews said...

Thanks for commenting, Becky! I'd love to hear least favourites, but yeah, that tends to get wanky. ;)

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