Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Celebration

There are many things I could say about Valentine's Day, and very few of them are positive. I'm simply not a fan of this so-called "holiday." But this year there is something genuinely worth celebrating. You see, my state, the Evergreen State, the great state of Washington has finally legalized same-sex marriage. Wheee! The governor, as she promised, signed the bill into law just yesterday. Of course, the haters will come out and try to gather signatures against so that we have to vote over it on November's ballot; that sucks, but it is just part of the process. I'm not complacent that they'll go down in flames, but I am hopeful. You see, just the other year we already had a vote on marriage equality, or more accurately marriage near-equality. We have a domestic partnership law that is marriage-in-all-but-name. (The new law replaces it, btw.) Well, guess what? When asked to vote on it in 2009, "Washington voted in favor ... becoming the first state to ratify an 'everything but marriage' domestic partner law." Haters may hate, but the majority here are big believers in "live and let live." It's too much to hope that the bigots won't get enough signatures to put a repeal vote on the ballot for November, but even cynical me wants to believe that my state's voters will again do the right thing.

So, not being a huge Valentine's Day fan, myself, I will instead celebrate equality today.

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