Sunday, January 25, 2015

New excerpt....

Happy weekend, all! I have a Sunday with not much planned, which is the perfect kind of Sunday, if you ask me. Two orders of business on the blog docket for you today!

1. Heat and Flashover are being made into audiobooks! Super excited about this. If you know any males who do voiceover work, they can go to Audiobook Creation Exchange and search for either title and submit an audition. The ones that have been submitted so far are all fantastic, so I'm not really sure how my publisher is going to choose.

2. The release of the second book in Chris Owen's and my series is two months away! Never Too Early: Finding Their Way is due out on March 25. Pre-orders will definitely be available as we get closer, but for now, I'll leave you with an excerpt. Chris and I have loved hearing all the feedback, so thank you!

A dark head appeared in the doorway between the living room and kitchen. "Jake! Can I drive your truck?" Tucker appeared to be holding Tor off with one hand.

Jake nodded.  "Sure. Wait. Why? Sure?"

Tor was trying to get a hold of Tucker, but failing miserably. Jake figured he wasn't really trying.

"Tor says you guys got mud out in your back forty! I'd drive the rental, but we didn't get no insurance on it, and it's a piece of shit anyhow. Wouldn't do no good out there. Tor, for chrissakes, you're gonna rip my shirt."

Chance raised his eyebrows but otherwise said nothing.

"Oh." Jake looked at Chance and then back at Tucker. "Take Tor's truck."

"I won't give him my keys."  Tor didn't let go of Tucker's shirt but he did laugh.

"My truck doesn't go mudding for fun," Jake told Chance. "It's too much of a pain to clean."

"Aw, man." Tucker made a noise of disgust. "Thought y'all were cowboys." He looked at Tor and scowled. "You ain't never gone in the mud before?"

"Of course I have." Tor sounded indignant. "Just not in his truck.  And it depends where the cows are. We can go tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah, okay," Tucker said grudgingly. "Come on, show me where you keep your food and I'll rustle up some chow."

"I think it's in the bathroom this week. Oh, wait! Nope, the kitchen."

Jake shook his head. "Wake me up later," he told Chance. "When they're calmer."

"So, about four days," Chance replied. "Got it." He reached out his left hand and rested it on Jake's leg. It was warm through the blanket.

"Maybe five." Jake hoped Chance would leave his hand right where it was. It was heavy and comforting, and Jake was going to suck up all the comfort he could, for as long as he could. 

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