Sunday, January 4, 2015

Upcoming Release

I keep writing excuses in my blog. I know I do. My blogging has always been sporadic, so really, let’s dispense with excuses and move on. I’m horrible at it. Blogging, that is. I acknowledge that. It’s not going to get better. Let’s face it, if I manage some writing time, it’s likely to go to actual fiction, and not to a blog post. I’m sorry, darlings, but it’s true.

Now that being said, I’m thinking ahead today. My next visit to Slash and Burn will be February 1st. I plan to rerelease the last former Silver Publishing book in February. So, for my next visit, hopefully I’ll have the details of that, and an excerpt for your reading enjoyment.

So today is not much for reading, but return next month for more information on For Eden: The Shadowfire Ring, a short story involving an angel, a half-demon, a wingasm, and a ring designed to protect, but instead risked the demise of an unlikely love. (Formerly titled Bound by Love.)

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