Sunday, September 6, 2015

Get-Up and Write

I haven’t written since the editing rounds required to get Fallen back to the market.

Sad statement. Yet, I’m not devastated. Sure, I want to write. I crave it. But I also have to pay the bills, and my royalties weren’t anywhere close to that kind of value. So, the day job – the day career – has been the priority, and rightly so.

Some writers would give up sleep to write, getting up early or staying up late. I’ve done that, and I’ve seen the difference of seven to eight hours of sleep. Some writers go from working in an office job all day, right to the laptop. I have arthritis in my neck and understand the benefits of exercise, so I go from the office to the box, and I don’t regret a single minute of it. Even when I pull muscles, feel like I’m going to vomit, or curse the owners for avoiding the excessive cost of air conditioning.

Could I find the time? Sure, I’m working on it. I’m shooting for quality time so the result will be a quality story, but for now I’ll settle for time. Drop by my blog for more on that. I will warn you, however, that since it seems that all I do is work, exercise, and sleep, you’re likely to get more than a handful of health-related blog posts. For security reasons, I can’t write about work, and sleep, well it’s not all that restful and my dreams don’t make sense, even to me, so yes, what’s left is an attempt to eat clean while still enjoying good food, and the challenge and tribulations of pushing my body to its limits.

I’m a Crossfitter. You’ve been warned. But if you’re at all curious, drop on by next weekend. My goal is a blog post every Sunday. I’m just you’re average Joe(tte). I’m not super strong. I’m not flexible. I’m certainly not fast. I just want to pass through this decade with painless grace. Let’s see how it goes. And if writing returns through the need to write something besides blather on a blog, then that’s the icing on the gluten-free non-GMO cake.

Pia Veleno

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