Sunday, September 13, 2015

September? Wow.

I really hate letting so much time pass between posts, but the day job is exceptionally time-consuming right now. I do like trying to get in at least one post a month, so let's see if I can keep that up. (Spoiler: maybe.)

The release month for the third book in the Never Too Early series is November! No exact date yet, but I'll be sure and let you know as soon as I get the word. In the meantime, have a little excerpt. See you next month!


Tucker shut the water off just as it was starting to cool and tossed Tor a fluffy blue towel. "Can fix you guys omelettes for breakfast. Or if that's too fancy for your cowboy asses, I'll let you have some of my Corn Pops."

"Hell, toast is about all we really need, but I'm not going to turn down eggs." Tor couldn't remember the last time he'd had a breakfast cereal that was coated in sugar; Jake had forbidden it from the house shortly after Jacob had moved in. Now that the kid was off to college and not even coming home for summers, maybe Tor could sneak some back in.

Probably not.

"Good. Wasn't really gonna give you my Pops. If you want Chance's healthy stuff, be my guest." Tucker laughed and gave Tor one more kiss. "Mushroom and avocado omelettes, comin' up."

They toweled off and parted in the hall, Tucker going to his own room for clothes, and Tor back to the guest room. Jake hadn't even moved, as far as Tor could tell. He was still buried in a blanket, his eyes closed.

"Time to get your ass up," Tor told him, rummaging around for his clothes. "The day is getting old."

"Coffee?" Jake sounded only slightly more awake than he looked.

Tor snorted and grinned. "It'll happen. C'mon, up you get."

Jake rolled over and stretched, long and hard, then melted back onto the bed. "You've been up long enough to mess around in the shower and make coffee."
Jeans found, Tor pulled them on and nodded at Jake. "Yep. But only one got done." He could almost feel the endorphins in his bloodstream like little glittery bits of happy. "Come on, don't let Chance come home and find out how lazy you are."

It was both adorable and amusing how quickly Jake scowled at him, growled that he wasn't lazy, and got up. "You are mean and rude, and I'm going to clean up," he mumbled, heading out and toward the guest bathroom. He was wearing pale blue boxers and his hair was all stuck up on one side. It was almost enough to entice Tor back into the bathroom. "Coffee. You go make."

Tor's urge to go maul Jake dissolved in a fit of laughing. "Yes, yes. Coffee. Chance will be home soon."

Jake waved a hand in the general direction of the hallway wall and left.

Shaking his head, Tor sat on the bed to pull on his socks. So far this surprise visit was going along great -- he'd had time with Tucker, he'd woken up around Jake, and aside from the overly thoughtful look on Tucker's face, things were smooth and wonderful.

That look, though. That was something to find out about. Tor had a feeling that this thing they were building was too important to let things slide for long. Maybe Chance being home would help conversations happen.

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