Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Did This Happen?

How is it that it fell to me to take the Valentine's Day post? Good lord, should I feel blessed or cursed to be put on the spot like this? Is anybody even reading this today? I should hope not, I hope every single one of you has a hot date and is too busy getting on with the business of Valentine-ing to be concerned about this long and winding sentence. If you're free, well, I feel for you. Today instead of Valentine-ing I am in Rhode Island attending the annual NELA Fetish Fair. Sounds sexy, yes, but I'm here as a vendor rather than a giddy shopper.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still giddy, but I have to maintain some degree of professionalism because I'm selling books. It's my first fetish fair so I imagine I'll have quite a bit to report. I hope I'm allowed to use my camera. Heh.

Anyway, it's Valentine's Day and this is a manlove blog, so perhaps some V-Day recommendations are in order. In the past V-Day has resulted for me in a nice dinner and a movie. If you're going solo this weekend, maybe catching up on some old fashioned love stories is the ticket to a pleasant evening. With this in mind, here are a few to consider for expanding your manlove library:

Jeffrey: It may seem a bit dated now, but I adored this movie. Steven Weber is a gay man, in love with the idea of casual sex, faced with the grim reality of AIDS. Thinking the right one will never come (ha), he swears off sex for good. What happens? He meets the one, and he's HIV positive. Now what? Rent it and see. It's funny and touching in all the right places.

Gypsy '83: To watch this film, you might think it was done in the 80s - it has that look and feel. Actually this movie is only eight years old - it just celebrates a great 80s icon, Stevie Nicks. Two misfits from Ohio, totally in love with Stevie, steal off to New York to take part in a Nicks tribute night. One half of the duo is an introverted young gay man who finds his first passionate encounter along the way, and the hope of finally finding his place. It's a sweet story if you can find it.

Brokeback Mountain: Of course, you can never go wrong with the classics. ;) Just have tissues handy, is all I have to say.

Buy why stop here? Do you have an aptly themed movie to share? Let's hear it!

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Unknown said...

Around our house, we figure if you can only bring yourself to share the love on a day when it's practically demanded, why bother? So I'm reading your blog, adn I have a newer movie to rec.

Boy Culture is a toung-in-cheek romance about a hustler who has to admit he can't control everything, most especially, who he falls in love with.

(and I agree with you on Jeffrey. Odd, but kind of fun)

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