Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here

Oh boy, I wish I had something cool to talk about. Like...oooh the fact that I'm going to Vegas for my 20th birthday! Yeah baby! Coincidentally, my birthday weekend clashes with EPICon...which I doubt I'll be at. Mostly 'cause I mised registration and all that...but I'm in the same hotel as the con so I'll probably run into folks.

I might try to sneak in ninja style just because I've never been to a con before but otherwise, Chippendales! Wooo! Second time seeing that show, nom nom nom. They is so pretty, no?


Am one happy girl, oh yes.

Oh! I do have something to share. New release :)

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Unreal: An Asher Sip
Price: $1.29
Publisher: Torquere Press

Life is going perfectly until Asher wakes up in hospital one day and can't remember how he got there. Derek is there to set him straight: an act of arson aimed at someone else has turned all of them, and the QQ Bar, into collateral damage.

No matter how he tries, Asher can't get through his strange calm to remember what happened to him. Asher has a lot to think about once he's home, though, like how he's going to comfort Derek, and where Dean is fitting into their relationship. But he can't stay comfortably numb forever, can he?

Ya'll can grab it here.

Until next time :)

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Louisa Edwards said...

Have a blast in Vegas! Do the gondola ride at the Venetian. Yes, it's cheesy and faux, but it's more fun than you'd think.

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