Friday, February 20, 2009

m/m artwork

Work, work, work! :o)

Things have been extremely busy for me lately, but it's all stuff that I absolutely love doing, so I'm thrilled. I updated my DeviantArt gallery with some recent projects I've completed, including the artwork for the re-release of RW Day's "A Strong and Sudden Thaw" and Cameron Dane's "A Fostered Love".

My goal is to finish a couple of digital paintings this weekend, so please send me some good working mojo my way! :D I'm working on the cover for an upcoming issue of Pride High (a very excited *SQUEEEEEEE*! gets inserted right here), and once I get thumb's up from creator Tommy Roddy, I'm totally sharing the sketches and finished artwork here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Verdant said...

Feel free to share the cover, Anne. It's awesome :)!

Anne Cain said...

Really?!? Thanks, Tommy!!! :D I'll be spotlighting Pride High this Friday, then! *bounces*

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