Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Cops Thanksgiving

© 2008 James Buchanan

Rated: Explicit

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Caesar stretched and yawned. One of those lazy Saturday mornings he and Nate got so few of. 'Course with both their habits it was more like noon, but still, wake up, screw around, doze, repeat. Pretty good way to blow a day.

Nate nuzzled into his armpit, tickling Caesar's skin with his tongue. "What time is it?"

Another yawn stretched his jaw wide as Caesar turned to look at the clock. "Once media, más o menos."

"We should get up and head out." The words had nothing to do with Nate's actions. Instead of rolling out of bed, Nate's hand wandered down to dance along Caesar's prick.

That was a much better idea than shucking the sheets. Caesar's dick began to swell in response to the delicious touch. "We should stay here," Caesar scooted down a bit so that he could reach Nate's fat prick, "and let me stroke you."

Nate kissed up his neck drawing a little trail of shivers along Caesar's skin. "Dinner's at two." He whispered it, blowing across the damp flesh. Another shudder hit Caesar's body.

"We got plenty of time then." He wrapped his fist around Nate's cock, pumping him up.

Nate hissed. "To make it to Porter Ranch?"

"To make you get off." Caesar kissed him. Nate tasted like mornings and sleep. Tasted damn good. He broke off for a second and added, "Make me get off." Then he was finished with talking.

He grabbed Nate's wrists as he drove his lips onto the other man's. Nate opened up, teased Caesar's tongue into his mouth. With a groan, Caesar rolled on top and pinned Nate's arms about his head. Took a bit of wrangling, but he got both Nate's wrists into one hand. Then he reached down and pushed both their shorts off their hips. A lot of struggling and wiggling, but Nate didn't fight him…or help him. Cabron.

With a grunt, stifled by Nate's kiss, Caesar thrust against Nate's groin. Nate stiffened and hissed. He tried to free his wrists, but Caesar used his now free hand to grab him before he could snake his own grip between them. If Nate didn't want to help before, he could just go along for the ride.

A really short ride.

Heat built quickly in Caesars groin. He humped Nate's hips, grinding them together. Nate moaned into their kiss, the sound vibrating down Caesar's spine. Nate bucked up adding his own frantic rhythm to the mix. That wonderful dick sliding against his; Caesar shuddered with every move. Slick pre-cum and sweat soon coated both of them adding wet heat to the friction.

Caesar broke from the kiss and buried his face into Nate's throat. Musk still clung to his skin from earlier that morning and a damp sheen soaked the hair on Nate's chest. Their exertions added another, more urgent and heady aroma. Caesar drowned in the scent of him.

Nate flexed his head back and mumbled, "Fuck, like that…just fuck." God he loved it when Nate babbled. It ratcheted his desire up to insane levels. A few more thrusts and Caesar lost it. Heat took him over, rolling through his frame in waves. Cum shot between them and coated both their bellies. Panting, shaking a little, Caesar collapsed onto Nate's chest. He released his grip on Nate's wrists and then smiled as Nate looped his arms over Caesar's back. So warm and wonderful being held in those big, muscled arms, Caesar could just die happy that way.

It took him a second to realize Nate hadn't cum. Caesar hauled himself up onto his hands, Nate's hands sliding down his arms, and stared down at Nate. Those blue eyes were just desperate. Caesar knew how to take care of that. Slowly, deliberately, he licked down Nate's chest and across his abs. His own spunk tasted almost sweet and mixed deliciously with the salty sweat coating Nate's body.

When he got to Nate's crotch, he inhaled deep. Everything was so much more heady and intense. Wrapping one fist around Nate's prick, Caesar moved to suck on his balls and stroked. That thick, almost silky, hard cock tickled his palm. Skin sliding over an iron hard core felt so sensual.

Nate grabbed behind his own knees, pulling them up and back, giving Caesar access to everything. Still stroking, Caesar twisted his head and sought out Nate's ass with his tongue. On top of all of it, Nate had a tang like warm copper. "Goddamn, please, fuck, yeah," echoed above him, signaling Nate's own impending blow. The flavor between Nate's cheeks tasted sexy, concentrated and so much of a guy that Caesar thought he might get it up again. He jacked Nate's prick with a strong, fast grasp and fucked his hole with his tongue. Nate shuddered. He moaned. And then Caesar smelled the spunk pumping from Nate's cock.

Satisfied, he laughed and clambered back up to snuggle against Nate's warm, solid body. Forget doing anything else, this satisfied him. Then Caesar's stomach growled. Well neither of them had eaten anything yet… and where and when they were eating was already planned. He muttered, "Please tell me your mom can cook," into the space behind Nate's ear.

"Of course she can cook." Nate shifted. "We should get going if we're going to make it on time."

The jangle of a dog tag against a Saint Frances medal caught Caesar's attention. Poncho must have wandered back inside. He whistled to call the little mutt, then asked, "So why are we doing Thanksgiving today?"

Nate sat up. "Because, every cop in the world wants time and a half plus bonus." He rolled his buffed shoulders and stretched.

First Ponchito's ears and eyes appeared at the foot of the bed. Then he stuck his nose over. Poncho'd learned that if he just jumped into the middle of the bed, he was liable to get tossed right back off…and possibly locked out of the room.


"You get extra pay if you work holidays." Nate slapped Caesar's thigh, calling the dog up. "My dad always worked Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always work 'em too. Since I was little, we always had Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday after." Poncho jumped up and minced across to flop between his two men. Nate scratched his ears and added, "Christmas presents got opened whenever my dad got off shift on Christmas Eve. My mom would wake us up at like three a.m. And New Years was spent watching the ball drop on TV with the police scanner playing in the background. Dad's retired now, but since I work the holidays, my family just keeps the tradition." Then he asked. "What does your family do?"

Caesar grabbed Poncho's ears. As he scratched them, Caesar bent over and rubbed his nose against the mutt's forehead. "Thanksgiving or the rest of it?"

"All of it."

"Thanksgiving wasn't much of anything." Poncho woofed and darted off the bed at that point. Probably was going to go find his lunch. "I mean, you sorta learn that this is what everyone in America is doing on their day off. But, you know, it’s a day off to party and eat…although my cousins were usually washing dishes at some restaurant or something. Mexicans, we party late though. Come in, go out, come back, keep it going all day."

"Yeah?" Nate's smile was big and open. Caesar loved it when Nate smiled.

"Yeah." Caesar stifled a yawn. "And Christmas. You go to church like at midnight and when you come back everyone opens up presents. And Santa comes while you're at church. Then everybody who's not working Christmas day goes to bed. New Years, party all night long. Course I was usually working all around the holidays."


"No, dip shit," he smacked Nate's chest and rolled to the edge of the bed, "people are on vacation. Left and gone to grandma's in Main or Arizona or something."

Nate swung his feet off the mattress and stood. "Oh, that." He yawned as he stretched again.

Caesar deadpanned. "Oh, yeah, that."

With another stretch…Caesar suspected Nate was flexing just to show off for him… Nate padded towards the bathroom. "So your mom's coming, right?"

"Yeah, my mom and my Bro's family." Caesar sat up and ran his hands through his hair. "Nate, your dad doesn't like me, what's he going to do with my family?"

"It'll be fine." Nate paused and smiled over his shoulder. "Mom's told him he has to play nice." He waved off the thought like it really didn't matter. "When did you come out to your mom, by the way? Cause last I heard, you hadn't." He paused and turned, "Isn't that going to be a little awkward?" before heading into the bathroom.

"Mom, her English sucks." Caesar shrugged. "Angel and his wife, they already don't say anything. We don't talk about it with mom. So, should be okay, she won't understand half of it."

Nate's voice drifted out of the can. "My dad speaks Spanish, you know."

"If it's as bad as yours…if he says something about us, she'll just assume it's the whole language thing."

The room got real quiet, enough for Caesar to wonder if Nate hadn't heard him. Then, "Dad's is way better than mine."

Fuck. Caesar flopped back onto the bed and moaned, "It's going to be a disaster." Northridge earthquake quality disaster. Malibu Canyon fire quality disaster.

Nate leaned out of the bathroom and grinned, "Isn't that what holidays are supposed to be?"


Tam said...

That was a nice little taste. Makes me want more of course. :-D Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Chris said...

Thank you for that tease! I wanna know the rest of the story, of course. :)

James Buchanan said...

Grin, thanks Tam and Chris. I'll have to work on what happens for Christmas.

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