Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dead Brains Anonymous

I see from Amanda's post that I'm not the only one with uncooperatie brain syndrome. My reason, however, is different. I'm making tiny baby steps in breaking a block that's literally been almost completely unbreakable.

They're really tiny baby steps but they're steps and that is all that matters. I'm also hoping to share really good news soon.

Well...hmm, I do believe I can share some of it. I have another Asher story coming out soon from Torquere. November I believe and it's the final one, a giant novella that I'm calling No Man's Land.

I've also received an offer to renew the previous stories, starting wtih the very first one, Asher and the Elevator Romp (oh the memories!), Asher and the Threesome and Unreal.

Hopefully, further good news is on the way. Meanwhile, I'm going to go to bed because I have been awake for far too long and then there are words to be written.

Anyway, y'all have a good one. See you in the funny pages!

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