Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I suppose, technically, it's summer. The sun has come out today, as a matter of fact. Yesterday--you know, the Solstice?--was in fact the longest cloudy day of the year. The Solstice Parade on Saturday got lightly rained on. Ah, summer in the Pacific Northwest. It doesn't really arrive until the 5th of July. As my brother put it the other day, "The geoduck saw its shadow." But that's okay. I'll grab a little Vitamin D today while I can and hope it'll last me until the next sunny day rolls around in, oh, two weeks (if we're lucky). It's not like I can take my computer outside and work while sitting on the deck or anything, anyway. I've tried and it's a no-go. Even on the cloudy days, the screen reflects too much. Ah well. I'll finish editing the story I'm editing and then I'll go out and get some VitD. Assuming the sun is still out there by then...

I think it's supposed to be nice for Pride this weekend, though. I keep forgetting it's the parade this Saturday because I'm a space cadet sometimes, and because I've not been to the festivities since they moved from the gay-central part of town to downtownish. It used to be so easy to go and now the commute is just nasty. I'm kind of insular that way. If the buses don't make it easy, parking had better be. If parking is too much trouble, I stay away. How lame is that? But it's PRIDE! I know I'll see lots of friends and have a great time. I just have to get off my butt and go. Maybe today's sunshine will inspire me to get out of my hermit crab shell.

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