Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wait - it's JUNE?!?

Okay - what happened to the first part of 2010? It was just here! Heck, in the Pacific Northwest, it's still Spring - we've had constant rain and cold. The current joke is that Summer was last Saturday when it got into the low 70's and was sunny - for the ONE day.


So I guess an update is in order. I'm finishing up edits on my m/f story, Escape to Me, for Ellora's Cave right now. I ended up re-writing parts of the story because I've learned a lot since I wrote it and the new scenes weren't blending all that well with the older ones. I hope my editor likes it and it should be off my desk by the end of the 4th of July holiday.

I'm working on Desert Alchemy, my steampunk/urban fantasy story that I'm going on the agent hunt for when I get it done.

But the ones you all will be most interested in are the two m/m stories currently timesharing some writing time. Forsake Not is my military "don't ask, don't tell" story and about 1/4 done, I think. It's hard to write as I have a son in the Army, stationed in Germany and currently recovering there from knee reconstruction. It gets to me. He doesn't happen to be gay but I so feel for those in our armed services who are. They give up a lot to serve.

The other m/m is Music of the Heart - the first in the Bran's Visions stories. I know my MLR editor will be happy to hear it's getting some writing love, too. So far it's one of the few stories I can (and almost must) write to music.

In the process of looking for new Celtic Rock music for inspiration, I found a great new (to me) group called Coyote Run. You can check them out at their website

Other than that - working the Evil Day Job and trying to be a wife, mother, etc. My health has improved greatly since I was diagnosed as having celiac disease and I got off gluten. I'm not so exhausted and sick all the time. I'm working on moving stuff around in the room that will become my writing office and today we got cable internet and VOIP so things on that front are a LOT faster - YAY!

So a lot is happening - organization is up next for some improvements.

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