Thursday, August 19, 2010

Publishing round up for the week...

It's a interesting week out there in the blogosphear...

According to Publisher's Weekly, the flagship of Gay Publishing, Alyson Books may be going down. Article Here!

Alyson has been caught in a downward spiral, in part due to the woes of its struggling parent company, Here Media (formerly known as Regent Media), which owns other gay media properties like Out magazine and the Advocate.

Then there was the OUT Magazine article featuring Erastes and Alex Beecroft -- decribing both these bi-sexual women as "straight and married." Erastes isn't married either. It pretty much follows the same tone as the LA Weekly article where my genderqueerness and bisexuality got swept under the carpet for the sake of a headline.

On the heels of that, the Lambda Blog missed the boat with it's two biggest examples of the genre! Since, you know, Lee Rowan is Lesbian and Donald Hardy is a gay man. Dudes -- FACT CHECK! That then lead to Gawker's Idiocy wherein they go off on all the straight writers writing this stuff as just PORN. NO. No. and NO again.

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