Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm here, hi! Happy August!

I was gone for a big part of the month of July. My ten year wedding anniversary deserved some type of momentous vacation, so we took it. Disney World, the Caribbean, lots of sun and ocean and food. It was amazing. Of course, living in southern California actually provides me with lots of sun and ocean anyway, but the Pacific is kind of cold to swim in. I love jumping into blue water that feels like a bathtub!

So I've been doing lots of real life stuff this summer, including training for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. My feet are complaining but my body's loving it. Stupid exercise, being good for you.

Anyway, I suppose this is just a bit of a life update, since I received a couple of emails this week asking where I was and if I was working on anything new. The answer is "on vacation" and "yes". :D A couple of stories with co-writers, one or two things of my own, and you'll likely see all of it in 2011. Stick around!

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