Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Days

Usually, I find that things slow down when summer winds down. It's definitely not summer weather outside right now (Yay for rain!) and September starts tomorrow. And yet... I've been baking up a storm (creating new recipes to go with a series of novels), dialect coaching a show for a theatre that's a solid 40 miles away from my home, and I just started rehearsals (fortunately much closer) for Macbeth. On top of that, my bellydance troupe has precisely one month to get our act together, literally, for our show in October. All of which boils down to: Writing? Editing? Whazzat? I haven't even had time to ogle any sexy men for inspiration, and considering that's the only thing our baseball team seems to be good for anymore, that's saying something. I'd love to blog on the nature of rejection (m/m/f fantasy novel wasn't quite what publisher #1 was looking for); or the tension inherent in waiting (GLBT paranormal submitted three weeks ago); or simply the excitement of getting a manuscript ready to submit (aforementioned m/m/f needs prepping for different publisher), but that would take too long. I have managed to write a short story this month, at least. ::sigh:: Where are those minions when I need them?

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