Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello all. *wave* I hope everyone is having a nice/romantic/sweet Valentine's Day. I know I have my sweetie doting on me...but then, he does that every day of the year. Yeah, I'm spoiled ;)
I've been MIA the past couple of posting days and I apologize as it wasn't intentional. First, earlier in January, I had surgery. Though the healing/recovery has been awesome and faster than most anticipated, it kind of knocked me off schedule. Speaking of schedules, I've had to completely restructure mine since obtaining a part time job (it kind of fell into my lap and didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth). I'm struggling how to balance work, housework, family, and writing. Unfortunately my writing has suffered the most...housework is next. It's a slow progress, but I'm starting to get a schedule down, along with getting my teens started in their "training" in laundry and dishes and such. ^-^ After over 5 years of not having an outside the house job, I'd forgotten how much I actually do when I do stay home without the kids and husband around. lol
Anyway, I am working on another Fallen Angels novel and would like to see it completed in the near future. This one is centered on Caesar and I hope to have a snippet from it next time I  have to post.
In the meanwhile, I'll post an excerpt from Fallen Angels  - available at Loose Id

 “Are you sure this is the way?” I asked as we rounded another corner.
“Age is affecting your memory, brother,” Toni whispered as I followed her through the dark corridors. These hidden paths wound through Lucifer’s mansion, connecting nearly every room. It had been many years since I’d wandered them.
“I’m not a voyeur…unlike someone else I know.”
Toni chuckled softly. “I’m nosy. Not a voyeur. Besides, how else would I know the things I know?”
“Things that’ll get you killed if Lucifer knew you knew,” I scolded.
She merely shrugged as if it were no big deal. Was the danger of her knowledge that oblivious to her? Or maybe she really didn’t care.
“Just get me to Adam’s room.” My old room. But I refused to think about my own time spent there.
“It’s at the end of this hall. Come on, impatient one.”
Within minutes, the wall slid and created an opening into the room Lucifer had Adam in. He lay in the bed, and when the door opened, he jerked up, looking around.
“Stay there,” I said so he wouldn’t get up. I was aware of the camera watching him, but also that it was mounted above where I stood so it couldn’t detect my presence. “Lie back down and act as if I’m not here.”
My chest tightened, wanting so badly to take him in my arms. To smell his scent upon me. To taste him. It had been hellish sitting across from him at dinner, unable to speak freely or even reach out to him.
“What are you doing here?” Adam turned onto his side so the camera wouldn’t be aware of him speaking.
“I came to see if you were all right. I needed to see you before…” Before Lucifer came and spent the night with Adam, and I stole the information Adam needed to incriminate the man who’d save me and my sister. However, I couldn’t say the words. It hurt to even think about Adam with someone else.
“No worries.” His voice, void of emotion, made me feel like such an ass for letting him go through this. “Did you know about these hidden passages before now?”
My eyes lowered. I hadn’t realized until after Toni and I got back from our walk that Lucifer had locked Adam away while he took care of business. I couldn’t risk coming to him before. He must understand that, but there was no time to tell him now.
“Will these help us get out of here?”
“Yeah. I’ll come and get you as soon as I’ve got what we need. Oh, meanwhile, you might want to wear whatever clothes he wants you to wear.” I tilted my head toward the pile of clothing at the foot of the bed.
Adam sighed and nodded. “Don’t take too long. This place is too rich for my small-town blood.” He fingered the top sheet material. “Probably too kinky, too.”
I laughed, thinking he looked good lying in such luxury. “Just so you know, there is no sound recording in here. Only in the dining hall and Lucifer’s private rooms.”
“The reason for your visit.”
“Yeah. Well…” Why hadn’t I told him about the surveillance before we got here?
Adam turned over. “Go. I don’t want him catching you here.”
I nodded and took a step back. “Adam…”
I heard him sigh. “You too.”
Reluctantly, I stepped back into the passage, and the door closed.
“Shut up,” I growled and stalked away from Adam’s room.

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