Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whew, thank goodness for reminder emails, otherwise I would have forgotten for the second week in a row that it was my blog day. And since I just returned from a trip yesterday, I really wouldn't have remembered.

See, I just came back from Las Vegas. AKA Lost Wages, Sin City, Glitter Gulch, whatever. I did not win money, but I did make a nice deposit and they promised to hold onto it for me for next time. Ahahahaha.

I also saw a show! There is a lot of quality entertainment in Vegas. I didn't see any of it. No, the show I chose to spend my money on (along with a LOT of other women) was.... wait for it.... Thunder From Down Under. It was quite enjoyable, in the shallow, purely physical appearance sense of entertainment. I will not pretend I didn't like it. Would I see it again? Well... like I said, there are a lot of quality shows in that city. I heard there's a Chippendales somewhere.

In any case, I knew there were edits waiting for me in my inbox when I got back home, and the City of Sin did inspire me to get my writing groove on. What better place to get plot bunnies than when you're surrounded by adult entertainment on every corner? Let's see if some of the things I witnessed will translate well to paper. Happy Sunday, y'all.


VJ Summers said...

Tory! I bet I saw you there! We flew in to Chicago Friday night, and I had the joy of driving back to Detroit... I didn't make it to Thunder (though I stayed at the Excalibur), but I DID manage the Erotic Heritage Museum. And I got my hot guy fix watching the street spray-paint artists.

And, hey, I WON a whopping fifty-three cents!

Tory Temple said...

VJ, you totally won more than I did. ;) How was the museum? I've never been!

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