Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Band of Lovers, er, Brothers

I recently watched the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers and I'm rather disappointed in myself that it took me 10 whole years to watch this show. So, SO good. Obviously heartbreaking at times, but also a beautiful testament to the power and bond of friendship. I thought it was amazing.

This is one of those shows that gives you thinky thoughts, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. If you're like me, this is also the kind of show that gives you slashy thoughts. Oh my goodness, Damian Lewis and Ron Livingston were just incredible. Winters and Nixon were so in love.

Even if you haven't seen BoB, I totally recommend this gorgeous vid of Damian and Ron making eyes at each other:

*draws hearts around them*


Curlie said...

My dad LOVES this -- has the whole thing in this cute tin that he makes you swear to keep safe before you're allowed to borrow it. I've only watched some of it with him because I kept having slashy thoughts instead of thinky ones and had to leave the room to giggle and make notes. :)

Amanda Young said...

We really enjoyed Band of Brothers. Some of it is definitely heartbreaking, but it was a good series.

Keira Andrews said...

Missy, I managed to hide my slashy thoughts from my dad, but a couple of times I had to stop from reaching for the remote to rewind moments between Winters and Nix!

Amanda, glad to hear you enjoyed the series, too. So good!

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