Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer at last!

I hope everyone celebrating Canada Day and/or Independence Day had a safe and fun weekend! I, for one, had a blast attending two weddings in two states over the course of this holiday weekend. Only one of the weddings came with fireworks, but the other had dramatic readings from the works of Modern English and Cyndi Lauper, so I'd say they both had a lot going for them. ;) It had been a long time since I'd watched a live fireworks show (instead of on HD telly from the comfort of my sofa). It was just as cool as I remembered--and not in that chilly, I-need-a-sweater-and-hot-chocolate cool way that it often is around here.

Summer officially started on 21 June, but here it doesn't really start until 5 July. And start it has at last! We had a gorgeous day yesterday and another one is following it today. It's sparking my creativity and my little brain is churning with ideas of summery, outdoor places and scenarios in which I can put any number of characters. A chance meeting rekindles an old flame at a small-town Pride Parade? (I missed the parade again this year. Sadsauce.) The classic enemies-to-lovers scenario at a barbecue competition showdown? (I might watch too much Food Network.) A hush-hush, behind-the-scenes romance between outdoor-theatre performers? (I might also be a total theatre nerd.) Heck, I'm even picturing a rom-com between single gay dads meeting at the local community wading pool and playground--and that is so not my usual stamping ground. So many ideas, so much sunscreen and bug spray! I think I better slap on a little of both and start digging in. ... Oo! Newly-single man with no clue what to do with the yard he's suddenly stuck with seeks sexy landscape gardener to... [fill in the blank]. I think I know what I'm doing with my summer day! :D

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