Sunday, November 20, 2011

Let's Get It On

I was in the mood to talk about some of the romantic scenes I've seen in movies lately, but I'll tell you, I don't know. Maybe my idea of what constitutes a good love scene is weird. The times I find myself breathless in movies, the times I've had to fan myself recently while watching television don't seem to be times when I'm expected to feel that way. There are a log of graphic, explicit movies, and I've watched my share of porn. I like porn, it's cool. It enables me to get the geography straight when I'm writing a sex scene and it's good for those days when you just can seem to drink enough coffee to stay awake. *nods off*

But romance, now. That's different. For romance I've got to have my head and my heart involved. It's got to wake up my whole body.

My gut positively clenched when I was watching this Sing Off group, Pentatonics cover Marvin Gay. Likewise, my heart fluttered like mad with slashy yearning when White Collar hottie Neil Caffrey tied Agent Peter Burke's tie. (Although sadly, I couldn't find a video clip.)

One of my favorite romantic scenes ever takes place on the dance floor in Baz Luhrmann's film Strictly Ballroom, when the DJ cues up a Paso Doble and our hero Scott slides across the floor to a newly energized, newly confident Fran and winds up on his knees at her feet. ZOMG.

My heart burst from my chest the first time I ever saw that, then went up in FLAMES.

And who could forget Brian and Justin's Prom Dance. I won't. Nor will I ever, ever forget what came after, even though this clip doesn't include it. Damn you QAF. My heart can't stand the strain.

When I write there are times when I hold back. Either the characters are naturally reticent, or they're reluctant to be emotional around intimacy. Some people are like that and I write about them too. They recognize who they are, and they often write to tell me how I hit all the right notes for them. Still others clamor for more overt demonstrations of love from the same characters.

What moves me is when there's an intense emotional bond driving the physical connection between bodies. Not every character in my books is going to have that. I daresay there are plenty of characters in real life who are simply enjoying their libidos while they're waiting for their hearts to engage.

Lately it seems like I've written a lot of guys who are intimidated by romance or who are afraid to show their soft underbellies to the men they love. To that end, I've written two shamelessly romantic holiday stories. One for Christmas, and one with a Hanukkah theme.

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed writing them. They represent my very best and brightest hopes for lovers everywhere. Find your special someone, and get out there and snog like there's no tomorrow.

Since I thought I'd give myself a quick refresher regarding what romance means to me I wanted to share it here, with you...And this, wow. The best screen kiss I've seen in a long time. (and lucky me, I watched a ton of them.) Hold on to your socks, because they're about to be blown off.

Probably my favorite screen kiss ever:

If you need me... I'll be at my computer.

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