Thursday, November 3, 2011

A little teaser from my mini-NaNo

If you follow my Twitter account @katrinastrauss you'll know I'm off my reading break and back to writing. I'm not officially participating in NaNo, but I've issued myself my own personal mini-NaNo challenge to get back into the swing of things.

So, what am I working on? I've pulled out and dusted off a half-written M/M voyeur/exhibitionist short I started two years ago. As is sometimes the case, the Muse morphed and mutated, landing certain characters and elements in two wholly unrelated stories that have since been published. The original genesis has stayed in the back of my mind, however, and I'm ready to make something of it.

I'm aiming to place it with a certain publisher and will hopefully announce a contract in a few months. In the meantime, progress is coming along nicely. So nicely, I thought I'd share a teaser. Here you go, a little NC-17 snippet of my mini-NaNo:


Logan clicked the bookmarked web link and logged in to his free account. The browser immediately filled with thumbnail images of men, their body types ranging from slender to hard-bodied to soft. Some showed off their chests, others teased with hip-slung pants to reveal V-lines with a hint of pubes. A few boasted the full monty, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Ignoring the flashing ads in the sidebar, Logan filtered his search to profiles listing their age as late twenties like him or older. From there, he narrowed down to those with the face or body to match their birth year. The twenty and early thirty-somethings tended to be skinnier, but several of the middle-aged guys could give their younger counterparts a run for their money at the gym. Whatever their body type, Logan liked men, not boys, and the guys who fell into limbo between barely legal to his age could be hard to gauge. A good example would be Seth, the cute black-haired counter boy who’d waited on him at the cafe that morning. Seth appeared to be in his early twenties, and had to be out of high school to work on a Monday morning, but he could easily be a mature looking seventeen-year-old dropout.

Better safe than sorry, Logan thought. Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult weeding out jailbait at his favorite website. Most of the regulars were in their thirties or forties, Logan suspected due to a combination of confidence, experience, boredom, and/or midlife crisis. Whatever their reasons, it provided him a nice selection of gorgeous, uninhibited men willing to perform on cam.

He studied tonight’s assortment, split almost evenly between mirror shots from smart phones to freeze-framed webcam stills. Some subjects showed their faces, others reveled in anonymity by aiming the cam directly at their dicks. In the brief chats he’d enjoyed, Logan had learned some of them were out and proud gay men, while others confessed they were married with wives and children. A few insisted they were truly straight but just liked being watched, period. Whatever their story -- gay, straight, bi, out, or closeted -- they all shared one secret in common. They were exhibitionists who liked to play on cam, for voyeurs like Logan who couldn’t get enough.

A few scammers had tried to lure him to pay-per-sites with a promise of more, but why bother paying when so many men on this site simply did it for free? To the true exhibitionists, sexual release paired with fulfillment of their taboo pastime was reward enough, and Logan was more than happy to oblige them.

Like the site regular who was direct messaging him now. At first glance, “likemypackage69” appeared to be another cheesy handle for someone obviously trolling for sex. It would be easy to lump the name in with the likes of “hotc0ck4u” or “HornyAzzHell”, but likemypackage69 had previously told Logan he worked for a parcel delivery service and was born in 1969.

“It was a good year,” Logan mumbled, judging by the hot and horny GenXers who frequented the site. He opened the message box.

Hi there, the text said. What you up to tonight?

Logan texted back, Sipping cheap wine and in need of stimulating conversation.

Stimulating, huh? I can do that. ;)

Of course, likemypackage69 was there for online kinks like everyone else, but at least he’d put some thought and creativity into his clever handle, and in Logan’s book, clever earned extra bonus points. Within seconds, he accepted the one-way webcam invite. A familiar tattooed chest with pierced nipples and steeled pecs filled the screen. This particular gentleman only showed himself from the neck down, but what a sight it always was to behold.

Logan couldn’t resist commenting. Slinging packages around all day must be a good workout.

LOL, likemypackage69 replied, catching Logan’s innuendo. It burns the carbs, that’s for sure. >:)

The witty banter paired with frisky emoticons didn’t last long. likemypackage69 adjusted his camera and rolled his chair back to reveal his erection. Like other regulars, he was already naked, leaving Logan to wonder if guys like that pranced around the house nude all day, waiting to jack off at a moment’s notice. Personally, Logan preferred his partners-in-crime partially clad, as it conjured an act of secrecy, naughtiness, and spontaneity, but the sudden sight of a hard, thick cock filling the monitor didn’t exactly turn him off, either.

likemypackage69 started off slow, offering his viewer a nice, detailed show as he worked his big, strong hand up and down his swollen shaft. Logan sat back and relaxed, hands rested casually on the chair arms. His preferred method was to watch as long as possible before touching himself.

likemypackage69 tugged harder at his dick. Drops of precum beaded at the slit. As he swiped his thumb around the glistening crown, Logan licked his lips. He shifted in his seat, his cock swelling against tight denim.

I could be anyone, he thought, and this guy doesn’t even care who’s watching. Hell, he could’ve delivered packages to the newspaper, or the apartments, and Logan would’ve never known it was his online acquaintance.

It made the moment all the more dirty and arousing. Balls tightening, he unbuttoned his jeans, then planted his palms on his thighs and dug in his fingertips. Wait, he told himself. Just a little longer…

likemypackage69 stroked faster, rougher, the motion blurring his hand. By the time Logan caved and unzipped his jeans, he was fully worked up and ready to burst. He envisioned what likemypackage69’s face looked like. Based on other men in that age group with tattoos and piercings, he was likely smooth-headed with a trimmed beard, a smattering of fine lines just starting to creep up around his eyes, probably an earring or two.

Prick in hand, Logan held back until the other man came, and then he let it all go, shooting his load in one hot, messy burst. They joked afterward about one-handed typing, and making sure they didn’t get the keyboard sticky.

And then the cam frame went black, their session ending as quickly as it had started.

Once the rush of climax subsided, Logan cleaned up his mess, shut the computer down, and turned in for the night. Clad in boxers, he laced his fingers behind his neck and stared up at the vaulted ceiling. Two Door Cinema Club played on the satellite radio. Normally, the Irish power trio’s music cheered Logan up, but he felt empty and lonely, like he always did after an online session, but really, he liked to watch, and the Internet offered the only window through which he could safely, legally do so. He wondered if he’d ever meet someone who could incorporate his fetish into an actual relationship. Call him soft and sentimental, but it might be nice to cuddle afterward.

Do deviants cuddle? Smirking at his own question, he thought of Seth -- tall and lean, dark and brooding with a hint of recklessness behind those brown eyes. In his offline, real-world experience, guys like that were a wild ride in bed, but Logan’s fantasies ran outside of the bedroom. The one real-life boyfriend he’d broached the topic with had freaked out and dumped him shortly afterward. In retrospect, asking his partner to jack off in the backseat of the city bus had pushed the limits, but damn it, his ex had asked, “What’s one fantasy you’d like to explore with me? Name anything.”

Maybe Logan could try again with someone else, somewhere more dark and secretive. What if he asked Seth to a movie? And they sat in the back row?

The blood rushed to his cock again as the delicious scenario played in his mind.

*** Copyright 2010, 2011
by Katrina Strauss ***


jayhjay said...

Wow, super hot! Looking forward to reading the rest!

Katrina Strauss said...

Thanks, jayhjay! It's been fun exploring character POV from both the exhibitionist and voyeur sides.

Andi Lea said...

"Do deviants cuddle?"

Fabulous line! I love the way you set up the imagery of webcam chatting and voyeuristic nature of that experience.

Delicious! ;)

Katrina Strauss said...

Thanks, Andi! I've been enjoying the whole naughty aura of this WIP and hope it will be available to readers in the next few months.

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