Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monkey Brain

That what I've heard several yoga instructors call it. Not just mine, but the general state of a mind that is leaping from branch to branch of ideas, just to check out a different view. The instructors also mentioned techniques for occupying that monkey brain for improving focus and meditation, but my brain was too busy monkeying around to remember what they said. See, as soon as you say monkey brain to me, I leap from a punchline in the movie Clue (Mrs. Peacock made one fatal error) to the serving of monkey brains in Temple of Doom, to images of them all scampering around in my head, to an infinite bunch of them hammering away at their version of Hamlet. By the time I've sorted through all that, meditation time is over.

All of this is a long way of saying my problems with the wife book and the mistress books is still ongoing, though I'm really getting emotionally attached to Dylan, so much so that I kind of want to slug Aaron for being mean to him. But even as I set the (is it the elephant brain that's focused?) mind on them, there go those monkeys frolicking with plot bunnies in one giant metaphoric orgy of distractions.

In spite of all that, I'm going to grab some focus here and let you know what's coming up. Starting November 15, check my website for a contest I'm running with the three other authors in the Carina Press M/M Holiday Anthology Men Under the Mistletoe, Josh Lanyon, Harper Fox and Ava March. We've got a big prize for our scavenger hunt and will be visiting each other's blogs to do guest posts. The anthology (and the stories separately) release the first week of December. My story "The Christmas Proposition" is very smutty is full of fun for the season. (And yeah, smutty. Exactly how wrong is it that I got the idea for the book while at my grandmother's funeral?)

Then on December 7, you can finally get your hands on Bad Boyfriend, which is about Eli, who was introduced in Bad Company. Eli was an awesome character to write and I think I hooked him up with the right hero. They really steamed my glasses, anyway.

Finally, if anyone missed this awesome post about saying to hell with the monkey brain and all those other excuses for not finishing a book, you have to go read it.

Don't forget the contest beginning November 15.

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jayhjay said...

Oh yeah! I am excited about the anthology and I can't wait for Bad Boyfriend!

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