Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don’t Tell Your Boyfriend Your New Year’s Resolutions (Part II)

I did this a few books back and now I have new characters who want to play.

No Souvenirs

Shane: Convince Jay to bottom just once.
Kim: Not going to happen. However, considering the autocracy of that…position, I supposed I could see where an agreement to get that need met elsewhere would be acceptable.
Shane: Gee. Way to take the fun out of it, Jay. Would you even give a shit?
Kim: I didn’t say I would want to hear the details.
Shane: Hmph.
Kim: Threeway?
Shane: Did I ever tell you how sexy your brain is?

Life, Over Easy

Simon and Tyler: Get K.A. off her ass and get her to write our damned book.
Mason and John: You? Get in line. She didn’t exactly leave us on solid ground.
K.A.: The four of you could actually give me more to work with.
Simon, Tyler, Mason and John: That’s your job, lady.

Not Knowing Jack

Tony: 1.Do laundry more than once a week.
2. Keep a straight face while telling Brandon about the dangers of drinking and drugs.
3. Do not buy every single thing that I think would look cute on Sarah.
4. Try to sell Bravo a Desperate Gay Househusbands: Amherst reality show.
Jack: What are you mumbling?
Tony: My New Year’s resolutions.
Jack: Most people write them down.
Tony: Can’t risk them falling into the wrong hands.
Jack: Because then you’d be accountable?
Tony: Bite me. What are yours?
Jack: Number one: give more head. Num--
Tony: Fuck writing it down. Engrave it in stone, lock the door and get the hell over here.

Hmmm. I think I can milk this for another post! I’ll do the bad Baltimore boys next time.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute. After spending the last two weeks reading everything you have published so far, I totally agree with John and Mason. I need to know more of them and simon and Tyler. I love your characters' blogs on this site. Happy New Year.

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