Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let It Snow

We're having our first real snow day in what's been a mild Midwest winter so far. I Googled "sexy snowman" for the heck of it. After sifting through a few snow-women with sizable breasts, I finally found what I had in mind courtesy of artist Isaiah Shackelford:

Copyright 2006 Isaiah Shackelford

I couldn't seem to track down a homepage for Shackelford, but to see more of his beautifully-drawn men, view his flickr gallery here:

Hope the above warms everyone up a bit on this cold winter day.

1 comment:

K. Z. Snow said...

N-ice! (I also like the elf boy with the monster tattoo.)

Yep, we're getting our first significant snow too. It's kind of pretty, but in another two days I'll be sick of it. :)

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