Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Sunday, Slashers! Here we are at the tail end of August and I'm left once again wondering where the summer has gone. That one commercial where the dad is gleefully throwing school supplies into the cart while the kids try to set him on fire with their eyes makes me laugh. And not because of the dad, it's totally because of the kids. They're the ones I'm identifying with.
Every year when summer ends, I make a promise to myself to try and read more during the fall and winter months. Usually this promise falls by the wayside in favor of staring at the television, but not this year. I have an iPad, which will make it exceptionally easy to finish one book and download another one immediately. So that's my back to school resolution. (Another one is to stop buying every pair of cute fuzzy pajamas I see.) In athletically related news, I finished my first draft of Morgan's story from Tinder, so now I can concentrate on training this week for the Disneyland Half Marathon next Sunday. Let's hope edits don't come back until after I cross the finish line.

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