Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Research Mode

When you write fantasy, one of the most important elements of your universe is reality. ... Wait, what? Let me put it this way: For a fantastical universe to be believable, it must be grounded in real world facts, even if the facts don't play a direct part in the story itself. Where is all this leading, you might ask? Well, I'm working on the origin story for Rhys and Isaac from my short story Play Music, Play Magic. Isaac is a fisherman so what d'you think I'm doing lately? Researching long line fishing practices. I'm also digging up date on storms at sea. (It's been so long since I read A Perfect Storm, there's none of it left in my memory.) I'm guesstimating that about 10% of what I learn will play directly into the story, but that's okay. You don't have to see the roots to enjoy the tree, right? Hmm...I should have a nautical analogy. Let me think... I got nothin'. Better do some more research. ;-)

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