Sunday, August 5, 2012

Thanks for your Feedback!

Thank you for your feedback last month, dear Readers. I truly appreciated the feedback. I’ve learned that you guys and gals like to see the same kind of things that I do, and luckily for me, the same kinds of things I like to write in my blog, even though that blog is sadly lacking since I haven’t written much fiction this year, let alone blog posts.

Let’s make that a new resolution.

While I’m still plugging away at the resolution I made back in June(to write more often) it is slow going without much new to share. However, this is an important topic I’ve been meaning to work into my schedule for several months now.

New resolution: blog twice monthly. Something interesting; something besides book reviews and buy links.
Stay tuned over at my regular blog ( for a formal announcement with more details on the fun ideas I have brewing for this resolution. You’re all welcome to hold me to this too. Sometimes I do need to be nagged. You see, I write to-do lists, and then forget that I wrote them, so call me out if I fail to follow up on this one.

As for that June resolution, I did finish the writing event story, and it is posted in that group for those of you who are members. I’ll eventually post it free on Smashwords and ARe too, but no promises on when just yet since I’m very slow and inept at creating cover art.

Maybe you wonderful Readers can help me out again. Do you know of an aspiring cover artist willing to work for free books? Send him or her my way with

Happy August everyone!

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