Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat

I started to blog about the storm’s effect on sports, but then realized it’d turn out just as snarky as the talking heads of media who condemned NY for not cancelling the marathon right away and then celebrated the football and basketball teams when they chose to play.

Here, along the northern edge of Mother Nature’s fury, the kids in my town are trick or treating tonight. I’ve never been a fan of celebrating this holiday before or after Halloween just to have it on a weekend. I even asked the realtor, before making an offer on the house, when the town celebrated. She assured me it was always on the evening of the actual holiday. None of that daylight/weekend trick or treating for me, thank you. When 40% of the town was still in the dark on Halloween, I certainly didn’t complain about trick or treating being postponed earlier this week.

We have power back now. When it’s all said and done Mother Nature will always find a way to scratch the itch humanity creates in her tender ecology; we have to adjust our lives around it as best as we can. I’m handing out candy to little kids who understand no more than they didn’t have to go to school for two days, and that, dear readers, is the beauty of it all: rosy cheeks, polite and awed thank yous, and happy giggles.

No matter where you are, and how the storm affected you, you have smiles ahead of you. You have life.

Happy Halloween, dear Readers. I’ll leave some extra candy out for you.


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