Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Year Ago

As I prepare for our annual trip to an internetless tropical destination, I realize just how slow I’ve been on the writing front. Sure, I’m finally posting regular chapters of CRANK again, but that doesn’t earn me a royalty check.

As we left for last year’s trip, I was hurrying to finish the last round of edits on Hounded By Love. That was my last release. My last release was almost a year ago. It’s sad. I know. The Job That Pays the Bills took a lot out of me over the summer, a time that has been historically my slow (aka writing) period. This current quarter has been crazy too. They’re all just excuses, but let’s face it, coming home mentally drained does not make for good evening writing hours.

I can’t say I’ve done nothing. I have a nearly completed manuscript for the sequel to Man Whore. But, I also have great concerns over that elephant in the room, so I’ve yet to do a final read-through to submit it. That’s a shame, really, because the Twins do want some attention. I hesitate to do so until I know there will be a place for them by the time I get to their book in the series.

But wait, it’s not all bad news!

I have a rough synopsis of the next story I want to write. I’ve written two chapters, and I’m excited about the characters. Finding quality time to write has been difficult, but I know I have a three hour layover on our way out, and the Job That Pays the Bills shouldn’t continue its craziness for more than a month or so after I return. This spring/summer I will get this manuscript done, and then I’ll finally work on something genderqueer.

So, dear Readers, it’s been quite the lull, but I’m not throwing in the towel. I am getting back to work. In the meantime, I have received news that Hounded By Love will be released in print soon. I don’t have the official date yet, but soon. Very soon. I’ll let you know when.

Have a great April, cari miei, and we'll chat again in May.

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