Thursday, April 11, 2013


Michael Cudlitz in Southland from "Underwater"

I am not a TV person. Generally. If I follow shows it's in a haphazard and when I stumble upon them sort of way. I finally have one "appointment" TV show and it is SouthLAnd. It's in it's fifth season on TNT and, good news for those who need to catch up on it, after the second season the runs became very short. A focused, intense burst of drama...seriously, it's everything a cop show should be.

They deal with the insanity of the streets of Los Angeles, addiction, murdered partners, psycho girlfriends/ex's. It's presented in an unvarnished, unforgiving manner. The cops are bigots and good guys and bad guys...sometimes all rolled into the same character. They get injured. They get shot. Some of them don't come back from the streets. There is nothing else like it on TV right now.
 Plus it has one of the best gay characters on TV: John Cooper.

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Keira Andrews said...

One of my favourite shows! I've been watching since S1 when it was on NBC, and I'm so glad TNT saved it. Excellent show from top to bottom. Love Michael Cudlitz as Cooper. He is Emmy-worthy. My only complaint is that I miss Cooper and Ben McKenzie's Sherman as partners. But it's a quibble.

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