Sunday, April 14, 2013

I can almost see summer from here. Almost.

I usually have MUCH more free time in the summer months. From September to June, the day job is constant and demanding. I don't often read during that time just because it takes a lot more of my concentration.

However! I made a resolution this year to change that, and I've done well so far. My e-reader has gone a long way in helping with that change. But my question is, come summertime, will I go back to paperbacks? My ritual in the past has been to head to my little used bookstore and stock up on all the yummy beach reads I can find. It's nice to have a book in my beach bag all the time. Besides, my books tend to get sunscreen, water, and diet soda on them when I have them at the pool with me.

So, the question for this year will be.... iPad or paper book? iPad isn't great for reading in bright light. And I'm terrified I'll somehow drop it in the ocean, not to mention having sand scratch the screen. I hate to give up my paperbacks completely, especially when I like supporting small businesses like my little used bookstore.

Besides, holding a book in my hand while I accidentally stain the pages with sun tan lotion is the true sign that summer is here. And that's what I really look forward to.


Pia Veleno said...

My Kindle survived the beach this spring, but there was definitely a sprinkling of sand in the case when I got home. I don't know if I'd risk a more expensive device to the beach.

Enjoy the worry-free paperbacks. It sounds like it's tradition after all.

Tory Temple said...

Pia, you're so right. Paperbacks and People magazine. ;)

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