Sunday, October 4, 2015

Autumn, Halloween, and a Ghost

I love this time of year. The nights grow cooler, and the mornings crisp. I can sleep with the windows open, wear tall boots and a leather jacket, and leave the door open for the kittens to come and go as they please. The leaves change, splashing my backyard and my morning commute in bright vibrant colors. Football season is in full swing. The weather slowly shifts to perfect running temps with the risk of suffocating humidity or blistering, cloudless heat.

Autumn is my season. And best of all, it culminates in Halloween.

With an informal invitation already delivered in August, when I turned the calendar to September, I already had three different ideas for a costume. I can't decide. Should I play the sassy belly dancer? The curious woodland fey? The wary pirate? I have costumes for each, but why is a story (or stories) for another time. I'll decide that week. Or perhaps even that night.

In the meantime, to celebrate the season and the upcoming Samhain, I've created a sale for My Ghost on Now through November 1st, My Ghost will be on sale for 60% off. If my calculations are correct that means the story is only a dollar for the entire month of October. And what better month to read a ghost story??

Here's all the info you need...

A ghost of my past haunts me already, so running into another in the same graveyard where it all began is almost more than I can stand.


So why the hell did I bring him home?


On Sale at

Also available at Smashwords, Amazon, and B&N, though I make no promise to explore how to make sales work at other sites. 

Happy October and Blessed Samhain, dear Readers!
Pia Veleno

1 comment:

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Not a wise decision, bro.
97% gay men croak by the
time they're 45. Why? Think.
I know you gotta brain in there.
God bless you.
Make Your Choice -SAW

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