Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Food & Fiction

So I was pondering what to blog about today—soundtracks, favorite settings, recurring themes… That was when I realized these were all connected. Here's why.

My soundtrack is usually Food Network. It's either that or the white noise of my favorite coffee shop.
My favorite settings tend to be pubs, restaurants, dining halls, kitchens.
My recurring theme—aside of course from the usual stuff that you'd expect from steamy slashy goodness—is food.

See the connection? ;) I love to cook. Maybe that influenced me to write about food; I know that's what causes me to watch Food Network. Or did the Food Network cause me to focus on food in my fiction? Maybe it's because we always had dinner together as a family when I was a kid that I feel most things are best discussed around the table and that the table must be loaded with food. Whatever the case, I love to put my characters at the dining table.

Do you have any favorite settings or themes? Places you send your character when you need some exposition? Of course, food has the added benefit of being good for both conversation and foreplay. Maybe that's why I like it so much. ::ponders naked boys and spiced maple syrup:: I think I need to get back to work now. ;D


Kate Davies said...

You *would* have to mention naked boys and spiced maple syrup, wouldn't you? Now I'm hungry. :)

I'm big on food-related settings, too. And cars. My characters like to grope each other in vehicles.

Liz said...

My guys end up...everywhere. LOL

But ditto on Food Network. LOVE FN.

Maia Strong said...

::nibbles dark chocolate while watching Giada DeLaurentiis cook seafood::

Kate - Cars are good. If the universe I'm writing in had them, I'd probably go there. ;)

Mychael - LOL I'm all for variety for my guys. Now if I could just convince them.

Amanda Young said...

I seem to write a lot of club scenes -- which is odd, since I don't like going to them myself.

Maia Strong said...

Oo! Club scenes are such great opportunities to play with character interaction not only with each other but with their surroundings because there's so much sensory input.

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