Friday, April 11, 2008

Pawprints - Second Nature

Earlier this week, I had my latest release with Loose Id, Pawprints 2: Second Nature. This installment in the series gives man's other best friend a shot at the limelight in this yaoi-inspired gay romance. I really enjoy writing these books, and I hope readers have fun with them too! *hearts*

But now that I've written about both cats and dogs, I'm curious what everyone's favorite pets are. Some of my friends are strict dog-people, but I say they just haven't met the right cat yet. ;) At one time or another, I've had a rabbit, cats, dogs, a bird, a mole, a crab (don't ask)...I've always loved all animals, and I don't think I can choose a fave. *g*

Pawprints - Second Nature
by Anne Cain

Gabe and Hayden have been sweethearts since high school, and as college seniors, they can't keep their hands -- or mouths -- off each other. As hot as things are in the bedroom, it's their love that really keeps the fire burning in their relationship. But there's a problem that makes Gabe nervous about accepting Hayden's proposal to spend forever together. Gabe is actually a dog...and Hayden is terrified of them!

Bitten as a kid, Hayden runs from anything that barks, and that's kept Gabe's lips firmly muzzled until now. There's no way he can keep his four-pawed, tail-wagging side a secret when he's supposed to share everything with the man he adores. Just as Gabe decides to come clean with the truth that he's not human, Hayden makes a shocking discovery of his own: he's not human either.

Caught between two worlds and the sex-driven beings known as Wairs who inhabit both realms, Gabe and Hayden have no idea if their love can survive. Especially when the full moon brings out a demon sorcerer set on coming after Hayden -- to either claim him or destroy him.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices...


Amanda Young said...

Congrats on your new release, Anne. I read it Wed. Fabulous book. Loved the way you ended things. I hope Alex gets his own book. :)

Rue said...

Any news on Round Robin? It's been five days since the last part - I'm grieving here! Did the lovely-story-that-got-me-through-the-last-3-weeks die?

And Anne, I'm in the middle of reading Pawprints: Second Nature. I'll let you know how much I love it after I finish it.

Anne Cain said...

Oh wow...thanks, Amanda! I'm thrilled you fun with the story, and that you liked Alex. :D I fell for him and Bray while writing, so there's definitely another book in the works with those two.

Hi, tf! I think the Round Robin might be in a pre-RT lull because some of the contributors are preparing for the convention. (Authors, do you have any info for the RR fans??)

And I hope you enjoy Second Nature. *hugs* Thanks so much for reading!

Rue said...

Thanks Anne. :relief:

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