Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Round Robin XIV

Part XIII is here.

With all his considerable strength of both body and will, Samuel tore free of Blake’s grasp, shoving him away so hard that Blake stumbled back against the bed. Blake laughed and shot him a wicked grin. “Save a little something for me, won’t you?”

“Oh, we’re not done,” snapped Samuel, although he couldn’t have said just what his promise might encompass.

As he ran from the room, the scream came again. Was that Cecilia? Shit! Where the hell was security?

This was not how he’d planned to spend his shift--racing between an ex-lover intermittently possessed by another, dead, ex-lover and a current fling who’d had enough of his spirit sucked out of him by an elder vampire that he was craving the stimulus, the quick fix, that only sex could bring. How the fuck had Samuel come to this point? In one hundred and seventy-eight years, he’d never experienced anything as bizarre as tonight...and that was saying something.

He rounded the corner into the room where he’d left Ken and Cecilia and stopped short in the doorway. Ken lay where Samuel had left him, still and slack but now also strapped down. Cecilia, usually calm and steady under the most intense pressure ER could throw, was crouched in a corner, shaking, her mouth gaping in a rictus of terror.

Security was there all right--two tall, burly men whom even your above-average hospital crazy would hesitate to challenge. Neither of them was remotely equipped for what they now faced.

Angelic face masking the vampire within. Sweet smile holding nothing but malice. The ancient one stood at ease in the middle of the room, one long-fingered hand resting idly on Ken’s foot where it poked from underneath disheveled blankets. His eyes shifted languidly from the cowering Cecilia, past the guards as if they didn’t exist, and focused on Samuel.

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