Monday, April 14, 2008

Round Robin Part XIII

Wow! What a great story. So much going on. And I guess I'll just add more now ;) Hope everyone has a great week.

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Blake nipped a trail back down Sam’s neck, sending shivers down his spine and blood rushing to his groin. He was hard within a breath, pressing against Blake’s thigh. He felt light-headed, chest heaved for breath, and his heart worked overtime as arousal made itself at home.

Sam’s hands rose to lay on Blake’s chest as if to push him away, but the moment his hands came in contact with his ex-lover’s skin heat shot up his arms and heat suddenly overwhelmed his body. He didn’t know what was going on, but it made him grow thicker, harder, until Sam felt as if he was about to explode.

“What are you doing to me?”

Those beautiful green eyes Sam remembered so well sparkled with lust and domination. Hard to believe that not long before, he’d been injured. Whatever Gregory did to Blake allowed him to heal even quicker than he normally would. Sam wasn’t sure to be grateful or not.

“Nothing you don’t want.” Blake’s hand slid down Sam’s side to his hip then inward until he was gripping the erection scrub bottoms couldn’t hide. Sam groaned and felt helpless to push his ex-lover away. “You remember now, don’t you, Sam?” His hand squeezed Sam’s cock tighter, drawing another groan. “What it was like between us?”

Words were lost on Sam as the past came back to him. The long nights that ended with cuts, bruises, sore muscles, and…lots of great sex. Rough, demanding sex. Two tops struggling for control, but even with his supernatural strength and speed, Blake most often won the battle. And he never let Sam forget as it was Sam’s fiercest enemy. Even worse than the noon sun.

Blake bit the flesh between Sam’s shoulder and neck, definitely leaving a mark. Sam’s fingernails raked Blake’s bare chest, drawing tiny drops of blood. The scent, all too familiar, assaulted his senses.

Violent. No other word for what Sam and Blake had. It was the main reason Sam finally left. He should stop this now. The logical part of his brain that was drowning in lust and want struggled to surface and force his body to do just that. It was close. Right there, the word stop on his tongue.

Then Blake kissed him and logic lost the fight and fell into the abyss of physical desire. Sam welcomed Blake’s tongue, his taste, his scent being rubbed on him like a cat would mark its territory. Sam was lost.

That was until a scream wrenched him from the dangerous bliss he’d sunk into.
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