Monday, April 28, 2008

Round Robin XVIII

My M/M, Fallen Angels, for Loose-Id is looking to be released June 3rd. And I've been busy working on a M/M titled Kinks R Us for my other publisher. Busy, busy. Just the way I like it. :D Here's the next addition.

Last part here.

Samuel stared at the sword. He’s had it so long he rarely thought about it. In fact, it hung there practically ignored. But now it had his full attention. He reached up to take it down, then stopped, remembering Absolom’s words. He said that Samuel would relinquish the sword to him, however, if he knew where to find the sword, why hadn’t he just taken it himself?

He withdrew his hands, fingers curling into fists. That’s exactly what Absolom wanted. For some reason, he can’t retrieve the sword himself, so he transported him here, where Samuel would take hold of the sword. Then what? Could Absolom take it from him? Could it be used to kill Absolom? So many questions and no answers. Yet.

“Your plan won’t work,” Samuel said out lout. No answer. His hands dragged through his hair. It had been a long night and exhaustion was grating on his nerves as was daylight. Though he could stay awake longer than sun rise, he didn’t always keep his strength. “The sword is mine, Absolom. If you want it, you have to take it.”

Silence was the response. Could he be wrong? A string of curses flowed from his mouth. He didn’t have the patience for games tonight. He’d lost an ex-love, while nearly losing his current flame. Not to mention all the mental games and running from room to room.

Samuel sat on the couch and made himself comfortable. Doubt crept in, but he held to his decision. He would not touch the sword until Absolom made himself seen and he obtained more answers. He hoped being away from the hospital would keep his friends and the others safe. Then again, this being could teleport.

“I know you are here. Might as well show yourself.” He swallowed hard. He was no match for the ancient, but perhaps he had a chance to outsmart him. “I can sit here all day.”

“You are a stubborn fool, aren’t you?” Behind him a voice sounded, making Samuel jump.


Amanda Young said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more about Fallen Angels.

Oh, and yay for the new round robin post. :)

Rue said...


"A voice"? You mean it might not be Absolom?

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