Sunday, January 18, 2009

And they just keep on coming.

My husband took his motorcycle out to the desert this weekend for some dirt bike riding. I asked if I could go, too. I don't ride, but I got a new Sony Reader for the holidays and figured this would give me the excuse to sit around in the tent and catch up on my reading.

"No," he says. "No wives. Just boys."

"Oh, really?" I say slyly. "Just boys? What do you do out there with all those boys?"

"I ride." He's slightly offended because he knows where I'm going with this, but feigns ignorance all the same.

"So do you share tents and stuff?"

"... Do you see slash everywhere?"

"Yes," I muse. "I sure do."

Can I help it if he sets them up and all I have to do is knock them down? You'd think he'd learn. ;)

Happy almost-Inauguration Day, world.


Anonymous said...


slash is everywhere not our fault some people don't see it ;)

Sarah said...

hehehe. I get the same rolled eyes from mine.

Amanda Young said...

Snicker. I do the same thing. It annoys my husband to no end, but he's a good sport most of the time.

Tory Temple said...

HAHA, so glad that I'm not alone in this! And my husband would probably be glad to know there are other beleaguered men out there. ;)

Keira Andrews said...

Again, I can just imagine his expression. He has a great put-upon face. :D

Pia Veleno said...

Haha. My husband will randomly stop and stare at me and then ask if he should worry about my 'obsession' with writing M/M.

Tory Temple said...

Mine too, Pia! Poor guy never knew what he was getting himself into when he married me.

Keira, you know exactly the expression he was using. :D

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