Friday, January 23, 2009

Digital Art & Design workshop

Creative Direction workshop
Happy Friday, everyone! Things are kind of slow for me as an m/m author right now (not much time for writing, I'm afraid), BUT, I've got some exciting news for anyone interested in digital art. Next week, I'll be hosting an online workshop with three of the most talented cover designers and artists in e-publishing: Croco Designs, April Martinez, and Cris Griffin! We've got lots of cool things in store for attendees, including an exclusive interview with TOR/Forge's art director, and we'll be discussing include making photomontages, creating banner ads, digital painting, using masks in Photoshop, etc. Sunday will feature a big Q&A session, so come prepared with questions and WIPs for feedback.

AND the workshop is being sponsored by Wacom, the premiere manufacturer of digital tablets, so all attendees are automatically entered to win a most-awesome BAMBOO tamblet! How cool is that? :D Tablets are one of the most important tools a digital artist can and should have.

I hope to see you there at the workshop! Register now

1 comment:

Barbara Sheridan said...

including an exclusive interview with TOR/Forge's art director

Duuuude, you've been schmoozing in the mega big leagues.

*insert big "proud manna-esque" grin here*

Good luck with the workshop. The attendees have hit the jackpot with you gals as instructors.

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