Saturday, January 17, 2009

Live from MarsCon

Forgive the lateness of this week's post. I've been a guest at Marscon 19 in Williamsburg, Virginia, and am having a great time. I sat on four panels this weekend, including ones for Victorian/steampunk erotica, social media for authors, ePublishing, and tips from editors. In about an hour the Rocky Horror people are going to play the movie and put on a show. Haven't done Rocky in years.

It's been a great weekend. Got to hang out with erotica authors, many who write M/M like Beth Wylde and Helen Madden. Will definitely have to do this con next year.

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Helen said...

And we were sooooo glad to have you there! Thank you for coming and for helping out with so many panels, and especially thank you for the reading. I think everyone really enjoyed that!

Next year, yes!

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