Friday, January 2, 2009

Hey handsome, what's your name?

I've begun working on a follow-up to the Infamous Story but I'm totally stuck on namimg one of the main characters.

He's just made his first appearance and a judge whom he's cheezed off has informed me my guy is "Officer Kirkland" but a first name is eluding me.

Suggestions anyone? What name have you seen too often? What name just doesn't say "sexy hero material" to you?

P.S. the name can't begin with an "M" ^_^


Anonymous said...

Kevin Otis Amos Sam Scott Lawrence Thomas Zack William Jonas

Just to name a few, LOL

Tam said...

I think stay away from Linus, forever images of Charlie Brown and a guy with a blue blankie.

Since Kirkland is kind of a middle American anglo name I'd stay away from Sven, Jose, Francois or Seamus unless you plan on having his mother be from another culture. I'm always partial to Nick/Nicholas, Stephen, Andrew, kind of traditional names.

Can't say I've come across any one name too much lately. Seems every is pretty good about mixing it up. You need to get a baby name book and start randomly selecting, page 56, third line from the bottom and see how it goes. :-)

Barbara Sheridan said...

I'm thinking Ben/Benjamin

How does that come across in terms of age/appearance?

Asylumgirl said...

What about Sloan?


Barbara Sheridan said...

@Deidre I have a Sloan in an in-progress story. ^_^

Kris said...

I wouldn't recommend the name 'Seth'. I've seen that name for the main character in a number of books lately.

I like 'Ben'. I'm thinking early/mid 20s or early 30s, either all American blond looks or black hair with blue eyes. How's that for decisiveness?? I'm all about being helpful. LOL.

JenB said...

I think Ben works for any age. I almost married a Ben. 6'5", blond hair, blue eyes...very Nordic looking. Rotten guy with mommy issues, but still a good name. :)

David is a good name too. There are WAY too many Ethans, Jakes, Jamies, and Sams in m/m romance. Shane is kinda cool, and not used much.

Maia Strong said...

Dave is the first name that leapt to my mind, although that might have something to do with having watched "Sky High" this evening. You could go with initials and keep the other characters guessing at his name. Something not too common, though: K.D., K.P., F.X. (Yes, I know people who's names I am blatantly stealing for you here. ;) )

Barbara Sheridan said...

@JenB I used Jake for my gay stuntman secondary character en years ago so if I finally get to finish Jake's own story you'll have to suffer through one more LOL

@Maia I stuck Ben into the ms because I had a scene to write and using a blank line threw me but it's been a toss up between Ben & David in my brain and I think ol' Dave may win out in the end.

JenB said...

Welllll...I *suppose* I could suffer through one more Jake story. But only for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmm....Aden? Or Gavin maybe? Taegan? I dunno just throwing some stuff out there lol!

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