Monday, February 16, 2009

Why just one day?

I thought that I'd have something substantial to post about today, but it's been a odd, whirlwind type of week with family visiting and Valentine's Day, not to mention all the other usual duties that I have. However, it's Valentine's Day that inspired me - somewhat - lol.

I've never really been a big fan of Valentine's Day. Back in my teen years, there was this really strange occurance where I never had a boyfriend/sweetie from mid-December to mid-March. This cut out the "major" gift giving holidays of Christmas, Valentine's Day, and my birthday.

That is until I met my husband. :)

Now that doesn't mean that we go all out for Valentine's Day. After the first two went by, it's turned into a date day for us - just another day. In fact, this year we went to our local blood bank and donated blood before going to a simple lunch of chicken wings. *drool*

However, I've noticed that society/media are the ones that go crazy and apply pressure to consumers for this holiday for lovers. Commercials. Red and pink things in every store you enter. Cute Valentine's Day cards. Hearts everywhere. Chocolate candy! *yum* The candy is the worst for me as I'm trying so hard to lose weight and eat healthier. *sigh- yeah, chicken wings weren't the best choice but they sure were good*

I've learned to ignore all this, but as I watched shoppers this past Friday at Walmart, I found that not everyone does. The asiles of holiday items were busy of people finding that "perfect" something that will show their love.

My question is why just narrow it down to only one day a year? Why not find things to do for your special someone everyday? Or even once a week? It doesn't have to be expensive or even store bought. Making my husband's favorite dinner has him all smiles the rest of the night. Spending fifteen minutes snuggling has me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Taking a walk and sharing our day makes my heart flutter (okay, so it's a brisk walk, but it's time together ;) ) A brief note that comes from the heart.

There's endless opportunities out there to show them that you care. Not just one of the 365 days in a year.

How was your Valentine's Day? How did you spend it?


Louisa Edwards said...

I moved to Ohio three years ago (after growing up in the south and going to college/living in the northeast) and encountered a "holiday" I'd never heard of before: Sweetest Day. It's essentially Valentine's Day without even the trappings of history or tradition, as engineered by Hallmark and Godiva. As much as I always thought Valentine's was kind of fake and commercial, Sweetest Day takes the cake!

Maia Strong said...

You've made me think of what my mother always says about Mother's Day: Don't be nice to me because it's Mother's Day; be nice to me every day. I feel that way about Valentine's Day. Fortunately I have a hubby who is spontaneously romantic throughout the year, whether it's a pot of daffodils (my fave) or an unexpected dinner (He made roasted chicken the other night. A delicious surprise!). On Valentine's Day this year, and not because that's what day it was but because it was a beautiful Saturday, we got together with two of our friends and went snowshoeing on Mt. Rainier. When we got home, I made us all a huge bowl of fresh stir-fry. That's my kind of V-Day: fluffy snow, good friends, and yummy food. :)

Unknown said...

You've hit on the exact way hubs and I feel. If you're going to treat me because it's practically demanded of you by society and advertising, don't bother. If you want to be nice all year, go nuts. I'm all over that.

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