Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Despite the fact that this blog is coming to you from Ocean City, MD, and the hurricane’s-on-its-way surf gave me as Noah would say “A hell of a sand facial” as I tried to drag myself out of the ocean, it’s not that kind of cry for help. And it’s not a cry for help in the eye of a storm, since we have decided to bug out before Hurricane Earl can drop a tree on our cute little camper. I need a different kind of help. (My critique group would tell you I need a lot of help, but that’s a different blog.)

If any of you happened to see the loose bunny I blogged about last time, I can tell you he’s now on a leash. He has a name and a plot, an interesting backstory and a hero (who is also picky about his name). Okay, Connor, we can call him a friend if that makes you feel better. What these guys need is a setting.

I need something urbanish, large enough to support an indie arts and entertainment weekly and a national manufacturing company, but I don’t want to go with a major metropolis. I am open to all suggestions, particularly if anyone is going to give me a virtual tour. The U.S. East Coast is nice, since I know what it looks like from top to bottom. While I love hanging out north of the border, I think the plot needs to be in the U.S. Feel free to jump in with your suggestions, and if I don’t get back to you, it’s because I’m driving away from Hurricane Earl. Safe wishes to everyone in the hurricane’s path. Right now, I’ve got to get a beach full of sand out of my hair.


Chris said...

I suppose Minneapolis, MN, is too major? What about Madison, WI?

Tam said...

Poop. I was going to say Halifax, big indie music scene and we have McCain's frozen french fries there. I know nothing about it to be honest but I'm going to be there for work in 12 days. But fine, shun the Canucks. We can take it. *sniff* *sniff*

Columbus, Ohio? Cute little city I visited a friend there last year. Apparently a very big gay scene (my friend was a male stripper). My friend worked for Honda, they're (inter)national.

Winston-Salem, NC? Many more trees than I expected. Does Connor smoke? He could work for the cigarette maker. Smoking bad. Bad Connor.

My friend lives in Troy, AL. They have the Trojan condom factory. You can take a tour. LOL Troy is pretty tiny though. If people see kids speeding or driving recklessly they call their Daddies and tattle. (And I don't mean leather Daddies. LOL) Yeah, that small.

That's all I got. Have fun and be safe getting home.

Katrina said...

Hi K.A.,
As you're leaving Ocean City, you might want to check in with my hometown of Baltimore. Great indie arts scene covered weekly by the City Paper (check out the Creative Alliance for a sample of Mobtown arts), lots of manufacturing (Domino Sugar?), and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay (if you're looking to add to your water theme).
Looking forward to the new story!

VJ Summers said...

I'm a fan of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It's a college town, yes, but with an amazing indie art scene, great local theatre, etc. And I love to see my home state in my fave authors' books!

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