Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Release: Dare and Dare Alike

I am pleased to announce the last installment of Dareville is now available! After a long run of writing F/F erotic works, I offer for your reading pleasure the first M/M Dareville novella, Dare and Dare Alike. While there have been free M/M shorts in this universe, this is the longest manlove to date, at least until I get Daring Red finished.

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Kindle and elsewhere are coming soon, and DLP Books is getting a new cart that will let you download right after purchase. It's time, since we've grown so much.

In this story we meet some new Dareville residents, namely the Robeson twins, Darien and Derek. They are cousins of Kate (A Winter's Dare) and Spring (The Dares That Bind) and nephews by marriage of Marlene (Handle With Dare), and they have an interesting tale to tell. Now, please note, since this is a twin story (which I didn't place with my first house because they already have a well-written and popular twin story there), it is not twincest! I realize that particular sub-genre has a following, but in all honesty I can't bring myself to write it. DaDA is more erotic than romantic, yes, but beyond the adult entertainment subplot there are no other taboos.

Okay, enough rambling. Here's the blurb for DaDA. Hope you enjoy it.

Identical twins Darien and Derek Robeson may look alike, but the similarities end there. Where Derek is hard-working and responsible, Dar is reckless and carefree. When Dar's chosen profession in adult entertainment causes yet another mistaken identity hiccup in Derek's love life, one brother gives the other an ultimatum - quit the sex business or else.

Dar enjoys the freedom and money earned from a career in the sex trade, but respects his brother enough not to hurt him intentionally. However, when a hunky film star makes Dar an offer he can't refuse, Dar's left to wonder if blood is thicker than gold. What he doesn't realize, too, is that a local video company has made Derek a similar, more profitable offer, and Derek's interested!

Perhaps the Robeson twins are more alike than they thought?

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