Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just One More Thing

My brain is fried. Late last night, I finished a heavy dose of revisions for my next Loose Id release. I love the changes, and I’m excited about getting this story ready for public consumption. However, despite the deadline, last night I spent a good hour completely sidetracked by a random strike of inspiration.

Story ideas come from so many different places. Sometimes it’s a song, other times it’s one line of dialogue that blooms into a character with a story to tell. Occasionally, it’ll be a scene in a movie, or a TV character that begs to have a different tale told.

Last night, despite my focus on those revisions, Columbo inspired a new idea.

Oh yes, Columbo. The rumpled raincoat didn’t do it. The unruly head of hair didn’t do it. It was his tenacity. To get the case solved, he went along with the murderess’s playful flirting until he figured out her motivation. The story Columbo inspired does not include the stunning Faye Dunaway or the rumpled raincoat. I may have to let my detective smoke cigars, however, as a tribute to the late, great Peter Falk.

Inspiration is rarely convenient, but when it hits I give the horse his head. It’ll be a fun story to write, and I’ll have an excuse to subject my significant other to repeated viewings of Columbo during the drafting stage.


Just one more thing…

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