Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paper or Plastic Electronic?

The other day, a friend was saying that she couldn't remember the last time she'd purchased a book in print. She and her Kindle are never apart, and if a book isn't available electronically, she probably won't read it.

It made me think about the last time I'd bought a paper book, and I really couldn't remember. I've bought dozens of books in the past year -- all electronic. I have a trusty Kobo that I read from every day and is just so handy in so many ways. I still have a bookshelf with beloved tomes that I don't see myself ever getting rid of, but I'm not sure what would make me start buying paperbacks or hardbacks again.

What about you? Have you made the switch to ebooks, or are you still a paper devotee?


Lisa said...

I'm the same way with my Kindle and I love it. The only paperback books I still buy are the ones that are part of a series that I've been reading from the beginning. I have all of JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books, Cindy Gerard's Black Ops, Inc. and several other series. I will keep buying the paperback or hardback books until the series ends. My Kindle saved me because I was beginning to run out of room to keep my books. I have hundreds of m/m romance books, but they are all on my Kindle.

Maia Strong said...

I am totally old school when it comes to reading. I don't have an ereader, and genuienly I don't want one. I can read them on my laptop or on my aged PDA. I feel like Giles on BtVS when he was asked why he didn't like computers. He said it was the smell--they don't have one. I miss the sensory input that comes from turning pages and smelling that paper smell when I read ebooks.

I can't remember the last ebook I bought, but I was at my neighbourhood book store just the other week and I bought three paperback books. (I am fully aware of the irony of this. ;-) )

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