Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some gave all

Hello, Slashers! Memorial Day weekend here in the States, which usually means barbecues and a day off work. Since I have Monday off and am, in fact, attending a barbecue, that's exactly what it means for me. :D Well, and the fact that I am indebted to the military men and women who gave their lives for my freedom. I hope everyone remembers that while drinking their beer and scarfing their burgers.

My life has recently been pleasantly disrupted by the arrival of two kittens. I lost my 15 year old kitty two years ago, and his 17 year old sister just passed this January. I was a cat person without a cat for the first time in nearly two decades. Then, four weeks ago, Johnny Ringo and Calamity Jane were at an adoption fair and I fell in love. Their names used to be something like Broadway and Lotus and I was like huh? How do shelters come up with these names? These two are clearly meant to be named Ringo and Calamity.

So I have kittens, and although I try as hard as I can, I can't read their thoughts like my friend Alex Myers can in Keeping Karma and Teaching Topaz. Man, if there ever was a talent I wished to have, it would be that one. If you don't know Alex, Dylan, or Karma, go check them out. Cute boys and cute animals.

Have a lovely holiday weekend if you're stateside, and a lovely non-holiday if you're not. Remember those who gave their lives while serving.


Keira Andrews said...

Awww, new kitties! That's awesome.

Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend!

Tory Temple said...

It's been delightful so far, my dear. And if you had Facebook, you'd know this was old news by now. ;)

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