Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy summer! I know some people really hate this season, but it's my favorite. I will be relentlessly cheerful as long as the days are long and the weather hot.

The big news in my part of town these days is the opening of Cars Land at California Adventure park in the Disneyland resort. Record number of visitors, et cetera. I did get a chance to visit, although I did not make the unfortunate choice to camp out at Disneyland the night before it opened. Because no. I don't sleep on sidewalks, even in the Happiest Place on Earth.

Anyway, with all the Disney hullabaloo up in here, I took some time this weekend to reread the novel I co-wrote with the lovely Kiernan Kelly. If you've ever visited a theme park and had the vaguest wondering of what goes on behind the scenes (and by this, of course I mean fraternizing between employees), give this book a try. Kiernan and I are each within spitting distance of Disney parks on our respective coasts, so we had a grand time writing this together.

Check out Happy World here. It's the horniest place on earth.

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